Don’t Let Someone Else Distract from Your Goals

As you know, we’re pivoting our business to help those with entrepreneurial spirit achieve their goals. It’s a big change, and it’s a bit scary. In September, we successfully launched our new Goal Setting Webinar, a big accomplishment. Now, we’re in the middle of our first Beta Group Goal Coaching session, another big milestone. 

These accomplishments represent significant wins that bring us closer to achieving our goal of pivoting our business from agile software consulting to helping others with their goals. We’re following the process. We’re teaching by example. And it’s working.  

I get more and more excited each time we move closer to achieving our vision.

However, our current reality is that most of our income comes from software consulting. I still spend much of my time working with software teams in Corporate America. I’ve been dealing with some big issues at my new gig. When I’m working onsite, those problems seem so big. I cannot see anything else. I lose sight of my goals.

I get distracted, stressed and frustrated.

What’s Happening?

I allow my software client’s problems distract me. I temporarily take my eyes off the prize. I lose sight of my own goals while helping my software client team achieve theirs. A conundrum that many of us find ourselves in.

I know that you’re asking yourself: Aren’t your software client’s goals your goals?

My answer: Not really.

Yes, I help my clients define their goals for building software products. I work with their teams to put the correct process in place to achieve them. Then, I guide them along their journey to goal attainment.

Of course, I want all my clients to achieve their goals. I work hard to build relationships. I train and coach my teams to succeed. Yes, as their coach, their success or failure reflects back on me and my reputation.

However, I have my own personal and professional goals. Yes, building my reputation as an agile expert is one of my professional goals, but my client’s end product goals are not my personal goals. When I lose sight of this nuance, I get caught up in the drama and lose sight of my own goals and accomplishments.

I get distracted, stressed and frustrated.

How Do I Get Back on Track?

We live in a highly integrated world, where our lives intersect with many others every day. It’s human to care and to get caught up in their lives. However, the moment we cross that invisible line from compassion to preoccupation, we begin to lose focus and momentum.

Learn to recognize these symptoms, so you can refocus and get back on track.

Purposefully place yourself in situations to help you remember who you really are and what you really want. I find scheduling activities that I enjoy or meeting with like-minded people on my way home from working with clients helps me to regain my perspective. 

Some examples that help me include:

  • Attend professional meetups with groups that reinforce these principles. I regularly attend agile meetups and entrepreneur meetups to network and connect with like-minded professionals.
  • Go to the gym. Working my muscles after a long day of sitting in team meetings feels great. I remember that my personal goal of physical fitness is just as important as my goals for business. Working out with like-minded people who care about their physical fitness gives me a sense of community.

How do you regain perspective?

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