Who are Agile Entrepreneurs?

Agile entrepreneurs dream big. They clearly define their goals and create an action plan.

Agile entrepreneurs have laser focus. They only focus on what they need to accomplish now, so they don’t get overwhelmed by the enormity of their ambition.

Agile entrepreneurs evolve. Their ambition is not static. They periodically evaluate where they stand, so they can change course or pivot if they need to.

Agile entrepreneurs apply this agile process to achieve everything they want in all aspects of their lives.

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Learn from Leading Agile Experts

We’re Cynthia Kahn and Gerri Grove, and we own the agile consultancy GSD MindsetFor over 20 years, we’ve helped software development companies apply agile concepts to set goals, create action plans and achieve the results they want. We’ve helped huge companies like Nike, Intel, Visa and Blue Cross. We even helped early stage startups successfully build their version 1.0 software.

We were Just Like You

Successful in business, but in our personal lives, we were stressed, overwhelmed and a little unorganized. Then, we had an epiphany! We realized that we could apply the same agile techniques we use in our software practice to clarify our personal goal setting and eliminate the overwhelm. We now achieve what we want in our personal lives too!

Cynthia became so excited about how she applies agile techniques to goal achievement that she submitted the idea to TED. Her idea was accepted, and here’s her TEDx Talk: Apply Agile Principles in Your Life and Be Happier.

Even Agile Entrepreneurs Can Lose Their Way

We entrepreneurs want big things for our businesses. We may know what we want, but we sometimes get overwhelmed or we lose momentum somewhere between inspiration and putting together an action plan. It can all seem a bit scary and confusing.  

As entrepreneurs, we get so excited about our business that we work too many hours and get lost in our never-ending “To Do” lists. We may neglect the other aspects of our lives: our health, our family, our friends. 

Balance is key to achieving what you want. Healthy and happy entrepreneurs are in a better position to succeed than stressed out, sleep-deprived entrepreneurs.

Set Well-Defined Goals and Get Back on Track

How do you go from stressed out to achieving what you really, really want? By setting well-defined, holistic goals and confidently moving forward with what steps you can take now. Celebrate the wins, learn from your mistakes and pivot when you need to alter your course to succeed.

Grow your Business and Live Happier

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